It was like coming home and finding all the familiar objects, but in different rooms, a comforting yet disorienting feeling. She could feel him pull her in and dispel her all at once like the rise and fall of the tide they stood so dangerously close to.

“Promise me you’ll always remember this moment no matter what happens. No matter how bad things look or you feel you can’t find your way back to me, promise me you’ll remember this …”

For Victoria there was never a moment of doubt that she belonged with him, after all Storm is her whole world. But haunted by his past, Storm has to constantly choose between doing the right thing and doing what feels right where Victoria is concerned. 

On an weekend they are both set to remember for the rest of their lives, they unexpectedly make love and thus seal the eternal bond they instantly felt when they met.

Through a series of misunderstandings, unfortunate events, triumphs and failures, Storm and Victoria take us on a journey of self-discovery and to a love that’s Unforgettable...