The Islanders...
Age: 36
His story: He was never the romantic or emotional type and as a Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) agent his job demands that of him. He can’t afford to get caught up in emotions because if he does, a lot of people who depend on him will get hurt.With a wounded past, Storm believes he is not ‘relationship material’ and thrives well on his own, but his one unforgettable morning with Victoria soon changes all that…

Age: 34
His story: He’s Storm’s little brother but at times he finds himself assuming the role of the older and responsible sibling. He successfully oversees the running of Chase Industries, a fleet of companies ranging from real estate to oil and mining. His passions in life are Kendra, Storm and work, in that order.


Age: 26
Her story: She has known Victoria all her life. Though she’s snobbish, spoilt and sometimes self serving, she can be fiercely loyal to and protective of the people she cares about. Her two true loves in the world are her fiancé, Dean and her best friend, Victoria, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them.


Age: 26
Her story: She is the co-owner of Euphoria, an art gallery at the heart of Statham Island. She’s usually tame and shy, but sometimes she gets highly emotional and often reacts with her heart and not her head. Though her relationship with Storm seemed to be doomed from the start, Victoria always believed he was the only man for her. No matter how far she runs she always gravitates back to him…