Friday, June 1, 2012

2. The Set Up

Chase residence, Statham Island
Present day...
Victoria couldn’t believe she was in yet another bedroom. She was looking for Dean, and Kendra’s directions to his study were clearly wrong since she was utterly lost. Dean’s two-story childhood home was massive. Her parents' modest three bedroom place back in Belladonna Cove could easily squeeze into one wing of this mansion and still leave some room.

As Victoria took in her surroundings she wondered just how much it cost to maintain this place. She didn’t really know much about architecture but she thought the style and design of the house was traditional with a hint of Spanish or maybe Italian influence. The room she was currently in, brought the total of bedrooms to six, all were located on the first floor and they all had en-suite bathrooms. She remembered Kendra mentioning something about a state of the art home gym, a home cinema and an indoor pool somewhere inside this massive maze. Behind the house was vast ocean and from here she could hear the waves and sea gulls. The garden, the little she’d seen of it, was beautifully landscaped with perfectly manicured lawns...
"Can I help you?" A low male voice startled her, and she turned around slowly.
Her eyes rested on what was surely one of the most amazing half-naked bodies she'd ever seen. He looked like a darker version of Dean, but while she’d always thought her best friend’s fiancé was cute and adorable, this man was anything but. His virility screamed from every pore of his well-defined physique. He he had a wide, generous mouth that made her want to reach up and trail the tip of her tongue on his lips. His aquiline nose though gave him an air of arrogance she would have found a turn off on any other man. His raven Mohawk was probably the only thing she didn’t like about him. She thought he’d look even sexier if he grew out his hair. But Mohawk or not, he was still a picture of perfection and it took her all of fifty seconds to size him up and know he was a big NO-NO!
"I...m...I'm sorry. I'm looking for Dean," Victoria stuttered, unable to string together a coherent sentence. She really didn’t understand where this sudden urge came from, but the longer she stared at him, the more her body wanted to wrap itself around his perfectly formed frame.  
"He's down the hall," Mr. Blue Eyes replied, a small smile slowly stretched his lips, causing her to blush like a school girl. She quickly ducked her head to hide her flaming cheeks, she could swear the cobalt stones in his eyes saw right through her fascination with him.
"Is there anything else you want?"

Victoria shook her head quickly as she brushed past him"No, nothing else". She was lying through her teeth, she had a very long list of wicked things she wanted from him, but she thought it best to keep it to herself.
She felt his eyes pierce her back, and her body stiffened at the knowledge that she was being appraised. She allowed herself to relax only when she reached the hallway.

 A little while later when Dean walked into her room Victoria couldn’t contain her excitement.

She rushed straight into his outstretched arms and gave him a giant hug, "Dean! Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for you? I don't know how many times I got lost, this place is massive.”

"It's good to have you back in one piece," Dean kissed her cheek and squeezed her back, artfully ignoring her comment about his home. Though his family was one of the wealthiest on the island, he didn't like to brag or talk about his fortune.
They both pulled apart when the man she'd met earlier cleared his throat in the background. He was fully clothed now, but still sexy as hell, and Victoria found herself blushing again at the direction of her thoughts.
"Victoria, this is my brother, Storm," Dean made the introduction.

Victoria racked her brain for something to say to Mr. Blue Eyes. She couldn’t say she had heard so much about him now could she? Up until now, she had always thought Dean was an only child.
"Nice to meet you Victoria," Storm’s voice, as he took her hand in a gentle handshake, was low and sexy. And Victoria found herself wondering if he was doing the voice thing on purpose.

"Oh...I..." Victoria stammered, her tongue was suddenly thick and uncooperative.

"I know...don't worry. He also leaves me speechless at times," Dean joked, filling the silence between them.  "We'll let you get ready. See you in a little while Victoria," he added as he edged out of the room with Storm trailing behind him.
As soon as the door closed behind them, Victoria leaned against it and fanned her face. She didn’t understand why Storm Chase made her stutter so much. But one thing was for sure, she’d never felt this way before about anyone. This excitement, the sudden rush of adrenaline, like she was on the brink of something amazing, was all new to her. A part of her wanted to embrace it and run with it, but another part, her cautious side screamed at her to stop and not get excited over Storm. He was a big no-no!
Downstairs, mixing drinks at the bar, Storm was just as intrigued by Victoria. He started to say something about her to his brother, but quickly changed his mind. He wouldn’t know where to start. He really didn’t understand the sudden quickening of his heart when he had taken her hand in a firm handshake, or the breathlessness he’d felt when gazed into her eyes. He knew complicated dynamite when he saw it and Victoria was exactly that, and he didn’t want any complications…

Throughout dinner Kendra watched in horror as what she had hoped would be a great evening turn to a disaster. Storm, sitting across from her best friend, seemed to be in a strange mood.
He wasn’t really rude or anything, he just didn’t have anything to say to Victoria. He didn’t share anything about his life voluntarily and the little he did say was due to her sheer persistence and nothing else.
Storm on the other hand, really wanted to be nice to Victoria but feeling confused from their encounter earlier he just couldn’t bring himself to entertain her.
As he looked at everyone at the table, all couples except for him and Victoria, he realized what this weekend was.
It was a set up! To help him get over Emma.

Feeling red hot rage threaten to take over him, he excused himself; he knew if he stuck around he’d strangle Kendra right in front of Dean.
The other guests shrugged and dismissed Storm storming off, unfazed by his abruptness. Kendra though looked very uneasy.

“What just happened?” Victoria whispered for Kendra’s benefit.

“I think he figured it out,” Kendra whispered back.

“Figured out what?”

“The set up,” Kendra replied with a vague smile.
“What set up?” Victoria gasped. Numerous pair of eyes turned to her, putting her under the spotlight.

“Sorry,” she mumbled sheepishly before turning to her best friend again, a confused, almost angry glint in her eyes. “Kendra Mason, I know you did not invite me here to hook me up with your soon to be brother-in-law!”
“Well, you always go on about Mr. Forever. You've just met him,” Kendra shrugged sheepishly.

“Oh My God!” Victoria hissed as the realization hit her. “He thinks I’m in on it doesn’t he?”

“It’s hard to know what Storm thinks."
Victoria was about to leave the table and go explain her side to Storm when she felt Kendra’s arms around her.

“Let him go. It will make things worse. Dean and I will talk to him.”

“You’d better! I don’t want him thinking I was coming on to him,” Victoria fell back in her seat with a sigh.


  1. LOL...that was wrong on so many levels. Kendra and Dean trying to play match maker. Storm and Victoria being thrown together like that.

    They have a whole weekend to get through. This should be fun.

    1. ~ Yes I agree,Storm & Victoria are put in a bad position, I wonder how the week-end will fare,with Storm thinking Victoria was in on the Set up!
      ~ I agree it should be fun,or will it be Stormy!?
      ~ Thank you Jaz from both of us!

  2. I think Storm is very cute! I can't wait to read more. Great work!

    1. ~ A cute Storm,LOL!
      ~ So glad you are looking forward to more,we will see what we can do!
      ~ Thanks for reading,we both appreciate it!

  3. I laughed so hard when I found out this was a set up! Poor Storm and Victoria. Kendra and Dean think their slick. Well now not so much.

    Great update.

    1. Bria, thanks so much from both of us for your comment, we are both glad you found it funny, we were 't sure if the humor side of it was coming through.

  4. Storm looks so playful. It must be his hair and the perpetual pout ^_^
    Too bad he's a nudge and so serious. I love the face when he realises the scheme. This is great and I cannot wait for more.

    Loved the pictures and the telling of the story :)

    1. Fae, yeah, the hair does give him some level of playfullness, I just couldn't find the right hair for him. He's Dean's opposite personality wise, and yeah, I thought the look in that pic was classic, I was so psyched when I caught him with that expression.

      Thanks for the shining comment on the writing and the pictures. Even after numerous rewrites I was still not 100% happy with this chapter. But if we didn't post it when we did Karima would have ended up killing me with all the chopping and changing.

      Again, thanks so much for your continued support from both of us.

  5. Gaddamn!!! Storm!!! *fans self* You have got to delete that sim from your game and replace him with something uglier, because that is a sin. If I was Victoria I would be all over his ass, freakin' jumping over the table at dinner.

    Dear God, I want something like Storm in my future.

    1. LMAO@ your prayer Pixx. Just keep praying, God answers all our prayers at some point or another. Thanks for reading.

  6. Yeah, I can see why Victoria would be so attracted to storm. But what a horrible situation to be dragged into by your best friend!
    Great chapter, I can't wait to see wwhere this goes.

    1. Melissa, yep, he's easy on the eyes. And yes, agreed on th setup, a little warning from Kendra would have been nice. Thanks for your feedback from both of us.

  7. She's a.... Storm chaser LMAO!!! I had to say it.

    Got my heart racing. Loved it!

    1. Believe it or not, I thought of The Storm Chaser as the title for this chapter, but then Karima came up with an even better title. Thanks for reading from both of us!

  8. hmmm...for some reason your blog et my first comment...I'll try again.

    Ok I get Kendra and Dean only meant well but now Storm is pissed and he thinks poor Victoria knew about the set up! Kendra and Dean do need to talk with Storm and let him know she had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Ya know I think it would take a lot more than a set up to keep them away from each other, cause no matter how bad they want to, they simply have a chemistry neither of them can deny...edenz~

    1. Eden I love everything you've brought up in your comment, and Chapter 3 addresses most of it, if not all of it. But yeah, Toria does need to lay it all out for Storm and explain her side. Thanks for bringing up their chemistry, it's something else we were both not certain about, whether or not it was coming through.
      Your continued support means a lot to both of us.

  9. So far so good...I can't wait to see what's next...I hope Storm doesn't get mad at Victoria thinking she had something to do with the set up....And I'm anxious to know what happened between him and Emma...

  10. Thanks! Chances are Storm will get mad at Victoria if things are not cleared up ASAP. A later chapter clears the mystery surrounding Storm and Emma. Thanks for reading!

  11. How embarrassing for Victoria and Storm! I would be ready to die! What a huge setback to what they were beginning to feel for each other.

    I love how you wrote their attraction to each other and as always the pictures were wonderful!

    1. ~ Yes her best friend did put her on the spot, & she was willing to right that misconception,but Kendra stopped her, So I do hope her & Dean do fix this other wise it will be a very long week-end!
      ~ I am so glad that came across,Val was not sure,but you confirmed it, Thanks for that, & thanks from both of us for reading!

  12. They shouldn't set them up. However they already like each other and Victoria was very to the point about Storm.

    He is gorgeous.

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    1. ~ Lucky,it could have been so much worse,Victoria could have known!LOL!
      ~ Yes we will see how that goes!
      ~ Yes, I think Val did a very good job of re-creating the Chace brothers & our girls, Storm is yummy I will agree there!
      ~ Thank you so much from both of us for reading!

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